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Residential Real Estate | Buying A Home
We want to provide you with some very favorable options for your future residence and get you into a home you will love! Regardless of your financial and lending situation we will educate you on your options, provide avenues to achieving your buying goals and negotiate in your favor for maximum dollar value.

Some of our top priorities for our buyers:

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    "The Golden Rule"

    The first (and almost ‘golden’) rule is qualifying for a loan. With our team of lenders ready for any situation we can help with that and its not an issue with a 0% to 20% down payment

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    "A Better Price"

    We give you a five-time better chance of locating a home and maybe even a better price! We’re not just going to find homes on the MLS. We research other available real estate databases such as Bank Owned, For Sale by Owner, Pre-Foreclosures, and homes held by private investors.

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    "We’re proactive"

    We’re proactive in putting favorable options in front of our buyers so you have a nice selection that makes sense for your wants and needs and your financial lending scenario

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    Skilled Negotiators & Market Experts

    You will have a highly skilled team of negotiators who are experts in the local market with nearly 35 years of industry knowledge on your side

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    We make it easy

    We make finding a home the ‘easy’ part!

Make Smart Investment Choices
Many people see different shows on television highlighting this end of the real estate business, many times glamorizing it a bit. The truth is that this is a very niche industry that requires smart research, great timing and having a team like ours to back you up!

Turn & Flips are the most profitable type of real estate you can invest in and we’re very experienced in this arena. The process typically takes around 90 days from the initial purchase of an investment property to the final sale and closing of the property. Our clients typically net anywhere from $25K to $90K depending on the project with an initial investment of only 20% down! Utilizing the ‘hard money’ resources Team Gough has spent years developing in the real estate investment world. We put projects together fast and turnaround profits every time!

So How Would I Get Started?

For many this seems overwhelming, however this is where Team Gough steps in to guide this process and get things done quickly! Here are some of the steps we take when helping you with your Turn & Flip projects:

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    #1 We get motivated!:

    Once we’re serious about taking on a project we get the ball moving!

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    #2 Locating a property:

    We have access to leading industry software that can locate homes within a certain database and area as desired, then we set things in motion from there.

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    #3 We work the project backwards:

    Meaning, we decide what the property would sell for then decide what work needs to be done and if the investment makes sense.

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    #4 Full-service program:

    We do a detailed search and data analysis so we’re well educated on current market value and what houses are selling for in the desired area.

Then it’s just as simple as bidding, acquiring, estimating, working, inspecting, marketing…then BOOM…we’ve got a turn & flip sold!

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